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7 July 2008


Videos, blogposts, gaming community

Area served

Worldwide (English)

Current staff

Rayque, MechaRaptor

Appeared guests

KikiRampage, Ninjawk, xG10x, JustJippers, Xnator


The Netherlands

Total video views

3.000.000 as of April 8, 2014

Youtube Channel

Welcome to the official Rayque3 wiki about the Rayque3 YouTube channel and Staff. It's still work in progress, but we'll manage.

October 27th: We've added extra information about the founders of the Channel and added extra pages about two video series. We're also making a full video list and there's a lot of hyperlinking still left to do. 

March 19th: List of Rayque3 Videos is now up to date.

January 31th: High-Dex Hero series has been finished.

More text to come here.                         

Featured Rayque3 projectsEdit

Various featured Rayque3 projects that has been major milestones in its timeline. Want to know more about various projects we made? Click on the thumbnails for more information! More to come.

The Rayque3 Staff Edit

The Rayque3 Staff counts two members, Rayque and MechaRaptor. Click on one of the two thumbnails to know more about the person!

Rayque3 GuestsEdit

The Rayque3 Staff had various guests through the years. More to come.

Our Video Series Edit

The Rayque3 Staff has made various video projects. From classic games to new generations, for nostalgians and newcomers! Click on the thumbnails for more information of that certain project. More to come.

What's there to come?Edit

  • In-depth history about the two creators, Rayque and MechaRaptor
  • Information and trivia about video series
  • What we try to achieve with this wiki
  • Classic Rayque3 and Present Rayque3

What was going behind the scenes lately?Edit

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